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STOLOS provides expertise in Shipping Freight Risk Management, Ship Financing and Shipbuilding Optionalities Valuation, where we apply advanced computational techniques "transfered" from our long experience in financial derivatives pricing for Investment Banks and Hedge Funds.
We offer:

  • STOLOS Software: A shipping risk management software package that combines Financial Assets (Freight Derivatives, Interest Rate Derivatives, Loans, Currency Derivatives) and Physical Assets (Vessels).
  • Consulting Services: We apply deep business knowledge and advanced computational techniques to offer consulting services in:
    • Shipping Freight Rates Risk Management
    • Ship Financing
    • Shipbuilding Optionalities Valuation

  1. July 2011: Stolos v1.0 is launched! A powerful Risk Management Software tool that combines financial and physical assets, Stolos v1.0 is the software previously missing in the shipping industry.

  2. October 2010: We started offering consulting services in Shipping Risk Management (Freight Derivatives), Shipping Financing and Shipbuilding Option Valuation.

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